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Royals Unlikely To Extend Ervin Santanas Contract - RealGM

The Kansas City Royals are unlikely to sign pitcher Ervin Santana to a
contract extension Dave Taylor Kings
, writes Bob Dutton of the Kansas City Star.

"I don't see anything happening right away...and probably not at all," Dutton
writes. "Ervin Santana is making $13 million in this, his walk year to free
agency. A good season positions him for a sizable payday."

Selecting 20 greatest moments in sports history is a bit difficult.
Nevertheless, here is an attempt at it.

The Foot Of A Human And The Hand
Of God

The quarter final match between Argentina and England in the 1986
Soccer World Cup in Mexico will be forever remembered for the famous "hand of
god" goal by Diego Maradona. The match had become chaotic because of the
political skirmishes between England and Argentina over Falklands Islands.
Argentina won the match 2-1. Maradona scored both the goals for Argentina. The
first goal was through a header. But replays showed that Maradona stealthily
punched the ball to beat the much taller English goal keeper Peter Shilton.
Maradona, ever as adept in churning out quotable phrases as in producing
defense-splitting passes Christian
Ehrhoff Kings Jersey
, termed it as "the hand of god".

soccer connoisseurs will always remember the game for the second goal scored by
Maradona. He got the ball near the center circle and dribbled past six players,
including the goal keeper, to virtually escort the smooth traffic of the ball to
the English goal post.

A Boxing Fight Of Races

The second in the
20 greatest moments in sports history is the famous and controversial bout
between Cassius Clay and Sonny Liston in 1964. Clay was a budding Black boxer
and showman then and Liston was the symbol of White aristocracy. Clay won the
fight in six rounds.

When Hitler Was Beaten Even Before The World War

The Berlin Olympics in 1936 was supposed to be a showpiece event for
the infamous Aryan Supremacy theory of Adolph Hitler. But Jesse Owens, the
champion Black athlete from the USA, won four gold medals to the great annoyance
of the great dictator.

The Longer Jump

The next in the 20 greatest
moments in sports history happened in the Mexico Olympics in 1968 Butch Goring Kings
, when Bob Beamon created history by bettering the previous
long jump record by a whopping two feet. His jump covered 29 feet and 2 inches.

Breaking The Four Minute Barrier

In 1954, Roger Bannister did
what was then considered impossible running a mile in less than four minutes.
The British medical student did this in familiar conditions in Oxford,

Joe Namath's Super Performance In Super Bowl

superlative performance of the brashly confident Namath led New York Jets to
victory in 1969 Super Bowl.

A Tiger In Golf Course

In 1997, Tiger
Woods took the golf world by storm by becoming the youngest player in the
history to win a Masters.

Jordan Blues For Jazz

In 1997, Michael
Jordan architected his sixth NBA title for Chicago Blues. In the final game
against Jazz Anze Kopitar Kings
, he raised the level of his usually breath-taking
performance by a notch further and scored 46 points, killing the title hopes of

Perfect 10 For The Nymph From Romania

In the Montreal
Olympics of 1976, 14-year old Nadia Comaneci waltzed into record books by
scoring a perfect 10 in seven different events.

The Birth Of A

The next in the 20 greatest moments in sports history is the 1958
NFL final game between Baltimore Colts and New York Giants, which set a trend in
many aspects. Colts won the match 23-17.

The Fiery McEnroe Versus The
"Ice" Borg In Wimbledon

The 1981 Wimbledon Men's final is considered as
one of the greatest title matches in Wimbledon history. Borg managed to outwit
his opponent in a see-saw battle that spanned 3 hours and 53 minutes.

Rare Swiss Miss In Wimbledon

The words "one of" have been added before
"the greatest", when describing the 1981 final between McEnroe and
Borg Alec Martinez Kings
, after this epic final between Roger Federer of Switzerland
and Rafael Nadal of Spain in 2008. Against all odds, the Swiss Maestro was
beaten in Centre Court by the Spanish tennis gladiator in a five-set master
class of high quality tennis.

Cold War In Basketball Ground

controversial match between USA and USSR in the 1972 Munich Olympics resulted in
the surprise defeat of USA.

Battle Of Sexes In 1973

Billie Jean
King, the women's tennis champion of that time played against a journeyman
tennis player Bobby Riggs. Jean King won the match to prove that the tennis
queens are not inferior in anyway.

The Cardiac Pack

In the NCAA
Men's Basketball final game in 1983, North Carolina stunned Houston by scoring a
last second winner. They won the game 54-52. North Carolina, famous for their
last minute heroics Wayne Gretzky
, became known as the "Cardiac Pack" after this

Kirk Gibson's Incredible Home Run

In the 1988 World
Series of Major League Baseball, Kirk Gibson of Los Angeles Dodgers produced an
unbelievable performance despite being injured, to eventually help his team to

A Tie-Breaker That Wooed A Reluctant Nation

soccer is one of the less glamorous sports. But the 1985 Word Cup final between
the USA and China was watched by a record number of people. The USA won the
nail-biting encounter, which was decided on penalty shootout, when Brandi
Chastain calmly converted her penalty.

Miracle On Ice

1980 Tyler Toffoli
, the US ice hockey team, comprising a hastily arranged
bunch of amateurs, beat the then mighty USSR team to reach the finals of Winter
Olympics. They won the fina.

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