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Science experiments in chemistry reveals the oddest fact -- molecules have
down-right silly names. One doesn't usually think of chemistry topics as
humorous but one look at these molecule names and you'll change your thinking on
that. Try some of these names for Chemistry Science chuckles.

molecule is called "arsole". It is the arsenic equivalent of pyrole Redskins
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, and is occasionally seen as a side group in
the form of organic arsolyls.

Another molecule is called "Adamantane".
This often brings laughter as Adam Ant was an English pop star in the early
1980's famous for his silly songs and strange make up. How did they ever think
of this one.

"Bastardane" is a close relative of "Adamantane". It's
proper name is "ethano-bridged noradamante". It was a variation of the standard
structure and became know as the unwanted child. I have to imagine that the
lineage is somewhat in doubt.

Another doozy is "Buckminster Fullerene".
This soccer ball-shaped molecule won a Nobel prize for Chemistry in 1996. It is
of course, named after the architect Buckminster Fuller, who designed the
geodesic dome. It is sometimes referred to as "Bucky Ball", and is also known as
"Footballene". Why was this so special as to win a Nobel prize, I do not

"Megaphone" gets its name from being both a constituent of "niba
Megaphylla" and a ketone. This one shouts loudly in order to be

"Munchnones" could be the favorite of the Munchkins from the
Wizard of Oz, but they are ring structures in which the charges are delocalized.
We represent the ring structure guild, the ring structure guild, the ring
structure guild.

"Cummingtonite" got its name from where it was found,
Cummington, Mass. For those who want to know, it is a magnesium iron silicate
hydroxide. In case I cannot meet you in the afternoon, I am coming

"Putrescine" originates in putrefying and rotting
flesh Redskins
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, and is the smell of death. It is usually
associated with "cadaverine" named after the cadavers that give rise to the
rotting flesh.

"Dickite" discovered by a geologist whose last name was
"Dick" is a clay like mineral and is used in ceramics and as paint filler.

"Moronic" acid is of interest to people studying archaeological relics,
shipwrecks and ancient Egyptian jars. Ask me why it is called "Moronic" acid and
I cannot answer hopefully not making me a moron.

The Fuka region of
Southern Japan has given birth to "Fukalite", which is a form of calcium

A plant hormone which causes injured cells to divide
and help repair the trauma has been named "traumatic acid". Ah, chemistry and
science, what a joy. It would certainly be traumatic if these cells could not
repair themselves.

"Arabitel" has nothing to do with rabbits; it's an
organic alcohol that is a constituent of wine.

An alcohol derived from
sugar is named "fucitel", and comes from a North Atlantic seaweed. When sailing
the ocean, perhaps one can troll a fishing line and pick up some

"Orotic Acid" is often misspelled and is called "Erotic Acid".
Another name for this acid is vitamin B13. A chemistry science fair project
would be a good venue for a continued search into these unusually named

This one could sound like a laxative, but it is really a type
of mica found in Japan and Sweden. It is called "Kinoshitalite" and is green and
vitreous and hard as fingernails. It comes from the Japanese meaning under the

"Vomicine" is a poisonous molecule that gets its name from a nut
which is the seed of a tree found in the East Indies. These seeds are sometimes
called quaker buttons and are a source of strychnine.

"Bastadin-5" is
just one of a number of bastadins which are molecules isolated from a marine
sponge. They possess anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

"Skatole" comes from skatalogical, meaning concerning fecal material.
Its proper name is 3-methylindole, but it gets its trivial name from the fact
that it is a component of feces. It is also found in coal tar and beet.
Chemistry science fair projects could emanate from this one.

"Sexithiophene" is a 'sexi' molecule - which means it has 6 sub-units,
in this case of thiophene rings. Because of its conjugated system of double
bonds, this organic molecule conducts electricity quite well. As a
result Redskins Matt
Jones Jersey
, it is one of a number of similar molecules being
studied for possible uses in organic polymer electronics. Incidentally, the
Latin for 5 sub-units is quinque (pronounced 'kinky'), so by adding one sub-unit
a quinque molecule becomes sexi.

"Bis(pinacolato) diboron" isn't the
active ingredient in a root beer float. Rather it is a versatile reagent for the
preparation of boronic esters from halides, the diboration of olefins, and
solid-phase Suzuki coupling. A proper root beer float consists of root beer and
ice cream. If you're lucky it will be served in a big glass.

Yellow" is a food coloring used especially in hot sauces, like salsa pickle. It
is also used in plant microscopy anatomy studies, because it fluoresces under
ultraviolet light and stains certain regions between plant cells.
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