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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) adidas
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, professionally executed, accomplishes an
important piece of a very valuable puzzle towards a truly successful and
profitable website marketing strategy. Using strong research for the best
keywords, insightful competitive research, onsite and offsite optimization using
great content and careful management using sophisticated website statistics are
key elements towards high organic rankings for targeted keywords relevant to
your business. Being easily found for these highly popular and competitive
keywords generates huge amounts of traffic to the website. Although all of this
is a great accomplishment, page 1 Google rankings by itself doesn?t put a thin
dime into your bank account. So we have reached an important milestone; but now
what? How do we generate business from all of this traffic? Believe it or not,
we have to go back to square one, the website itself. What is the purpose of the
site? What is it that you actually want the visitor to do? What is the act ? the
conversion act? Do you want the visitor to buy something from your e-commerce
store or do you want them to pick up the phone and speak to a representative? Do
you want them to fill out a lead form or subscribe to publication or service?
Whatever the answer adidas
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, you want the visitor to become a ?conversion.?
You want the visitor to act in a much defined way. How? The answer comes with a
process we now include in our definition of SEO ? CONVERSION OPTIMIZATION.
Conversion Optimization is the most gratifying part of Search Engine Marketing
for our firm because it takes the ball over the goal line for our clients. Every
conversion is a success, particularly when the one converting actually came from
an organic search. The factors affecting conversion number in the thousands ?
literally. It can involve color, typeface, text placement, navigation, proper
internal linking, and I can go on for hours but I will spare you ? at least for
now. However adidas
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, it all starts by revealing to the visitor, in
the first instant, that the site is what he was looking for; Then grabbing their
attention visually with a clear textual and or graphical message. From this
point, the website needs to take the hand of the visitor and lead them through
the precise steps of the process leading them to the desired result; we call
this the ?conversion funnel.? The conversion funnel is landscaped with
consistent and relevant ?calls to action? that pave the way to a logical and
favorable conclusion. This should be fostered by offering the following key
benefits along the conversion funnel that apply to all products and services in
one way or another: * Save or Make More Money * Save Time * Easy to Use
Convenience * Peace of Mind * Reliability Confidence Properly structured the
conversion funnel consistently provides good reason to ?read on? and to create a
certain level of excitement about benefiting from the product or service. The
funnel needs to offer comfort factors such as guarantees or warranties or ?money
back guarantees.? Shopping carts have to be demonstrably secure in the
transaction process. Confidence can be inspired by inclusion of customer
comments or testimonials by existing clients. You need the reader to say to
themselves ? ?hey, they did and didn?t regret it ? they are happy with the
decision and got exactly what the website is talking about.? Any form of proof
inspires the ?warm fuzzies? of peace of mind, reliability and confidence. These
are all elements that make it reasonable and sensible for the visitor take the
ultimate conversion step. Make it easy to act ? all along the funnel. Make sure
your phone number, the lead form adidas
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, or the shopping cart is just a click away.
And, believe it or not, if the conversion step is to fill out a lead form, you
still have a long way to go before you can say that you are really successful
from an ROI stand point. The question becomes what is being done with these
leads? 1. Who gets the lead? 2. How quickly is the lead being followed up? 3. Do
you have a lead tracking system? 4. Do you have a prospect tracking system? 5.
Do you have a defined sales process? 6. Are you training your sales
representatives? So, if your site is about leads, your site also needs to be
about sales management so that the fruits of website end up in your bank
account. Search Engine Marketing is clearly essential to any online business
with a serious desire to succeed. However, conversions are the ultimate step.
Rankings are a major milestone towards your goals. Author's Resource Box
Optimum7 is an Internet Marketing Services Company with primary focus on Small
and Mid-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). Optimum7 offers a rich consultative approach
that our clients find refreshing. We actually listen to our clients to learn
exactly what their problems and objectives are. Through a proven
process adidas
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, we collaborate with our clients to truly
understand where they are and where they want to be next month, next year, and
in 5 years. SEO ? A milestone... Not the Goal Line.Article Source: Cubs Never
Planned To Sign Jackson And Sanchez - RealGM Wiretap

The Cubs signed Edwin Jackson this offseason and they targeted Anibal
Sanchez, but the club never would have signed both starters.

Jed Hoyer and Dave Sveum met with Jackson in California, while Theo Epstein
and ownership met with Sanchez in Florida.

? Ebooks and Pbooks: What?s the Future First, please allow me to hatch a
name so we can quickly relate the products. Ebooks is obvious and has been out
for years ? Electronic Books, designed to be read on a screen
(computer adidas
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, PDA device, specialty readers such as the
Kindle, etc.). Pbooks would then equal Published Books, those basically made of
paper and ink and held in your hands, generally, to be read. Maybe someone has
already hatched the name, Pbooks adidas
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, but that?s what I?ll use

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