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Phil Hughes Looked Good Throwing - RealGM Wiretap Phil Hughes
threw two innings in a simulated game in Tampa Bay nike air max 90
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, encouraging the Yankees. New York is hopeful that
Hughes will be able to begin a minor-league rehabilitation assignment on
Tuesday. "Hughes threw 30 pitches ... and they said he looked good," manager Joe
Girardi said. "His velocity was 90 to 92 (mph), a lot of 92s they said. He will
make a start next Tuesday for the Gulf Coast League." ? You know when the
holidays have been a little too good don't you? Your pants are just a little
tighter, your waist is just a little bigger and your butt... Well, let's not
even start on that one! Not only are your clothes bearing witness to your
Christmas overindulgences but when you look in the mirror you see someone who
quite simply wasn't there at the end of November. And to cap it all your skin,
once radiant and smooth now looks pale, grey and blotchy as a result of all the
beer, wine, spirits and Christmas pudding that you've force-fed yourself. At
this point, something way down deep inside screams "STOP!" and you know that
it's time to get yourself sorted out and back on the road to health and fitness.
Christmas is over... Well, don't feel too bad. This is the common Christmas
story for most people and, despite the urge to tell ourselves we should have
known better, the fact is, what's done is done and rather than focus on what
went wrong, it's time to get to work and get ourselves back into shape. So Where
Do We Start? Well, despite what you might be thinking, your first priority isn't
to go rushing off to the gym and start a training program. After all, you've
tried that ever year before now and it hasn't worked too well has it? Nope, your
first stage of getting yourself into shape is to get cleaned up... on the
INside! Makes sense when you think about it. All of December you've been taxing
your liver, your kidneys and your lymphatic system with larger than normal
quantities of alcohol, larger than normal quantities of richer and higher
calorific foods and less than normal quantity and quality of sleep. Your body's
natural detoxification system has been literally bombarded for the better part
of a month and so nike air max 90
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, by way of thanks we're going to give it a
little time off for good behavior by being super-good. Water First off, we're
going to give your body what it wants and needs most... Water! Water is the
ultimate detoxifier because it reduces blood acidity, stimulates lymph, and
improves your ability to digest food and eliminate waste. In addition, ample
water intake helps to regulate your metabolism, reduce appetite and even improve
your skin tone. So, how much should you drink? Well, a good rule of thumb is 1
litre for every 50lbs that you weigh. So if you're 10 stones (or 140lbs) then
you need just under 3 litres. Sound a lot? Only because you're used to getting
by on so little! Your Diet I've written numerous diet articles for a whole
selection of magazines, but in case you're not sure what's required then here's
the short version. For 30 days: No wheat No Dairy No Caffeine No Alcohol No
Processed foods whatsoever In addition, try to eat mainly organic fruit,
vegetables and meat. Sound a little harsh? It really isn't, this is just healthy
eating, nothing more, nothing less and, if you follow the guidelines above,
you'll definitely reap the benefits over the coming weeks. Your Goals Whatever
you do, don't start out your exercise and diet plan this year without knowing
EXACTLY what you're trying to accomplish. This is one of the biggest reasons for
failing to get appreciable results from diet and exercise programs. You see,
without a clear, definite goal, the tendency is to cut corners, cheat and
eventually drop off of your program. Obviously nike air max
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, this is not good. But you can avoid
failure entirely by setting clear and definite goals that tell you: 1. What
EXACTLY you are going to achieve 2. When are you going to achieve it by 3. What
will you need to do in order to achieve it 4. What help you'll need. Without
these factors you don't have a goal, you merely have a wish and, contrary to
popular belief, wishes rarely come true. Exercise You might be surprised that
I've left exercise til last as this is normally the very first post-Christmas
action that people take. But, without putting all of those other steps into
place, the likelihood of your exercise plan delivering the goods is minimal
anyway. Now that you're clear about what you're trying to achieve, drinking
plenty of water and have an elimination diet in place let's get you moving!
Contrary to popular belief, you don't need to join a gym. In fact, strange as it
may sound, I think that joining a gym in January is a really bad idea. Why?
Well, gyms are the busiest, most hectic, most frustrating and downright horrible
places to be in January with hundreds of thousands of 'New Year New You' signups
all fighting for the same equipment and making every minute of your visit a
misery. Instead, get some dumbbells and a medicine ball and perform a home
program of 10-15 minutes a day, do some stretching, do some walking or other
light activity that you feel that you can commit to. Daily activity (and I mean
EVERY Day) will achieve much more than 2 or 3 days a week at the gym as long as
you're consistent. That's It! This plan may seem overly simplistic. You might
even be thinking to yourself 'surely that won't get me the results I want' but
you'd be wrong. This little plan has been used with great success by tens of
thousands of people and without fail it has produced great results. It will for
you too, but only if you actually DO the things I've told you to do. Reading
about them will get you nowhere and doom your January efforts to failure along
with many thousands of others. Be committed, take action and th.
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