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Every December (or earlier) millions of people embark on a quest to find the
perfect Christmas tree for their condo or house. For some Cheap NFL
, the search starts the day after Thanksgiving and for
others it may be a last minute rush on Christmas Eve. The definition of the
perfect tree is a matter of opinion and personal preference and falls somewhere
in between Charlie Brown s somewhat pitiful stick with branches and the usually
100 foot stunner that lights up the White House lawn. But with your idea of the
perfect tree for you and a little bit of information, you can go out and find a
wonderful tree this year, whether it s a real one or artificial. The tradition
of packing up the family and driving out to the nearest Christmas tree farm to
tag or cut your own live tree is still a yearly event for a lot of people. But
as families become more pressed for time, money and obligations, that tree
hauling adventure has been replaced with buying either pre cut live trees or
artificial ones. The artificial trees tend to be more popular with older people
because of the cost effectiveness (they can be used year after year), they can
come pre lit and they create less mess. Also anyone with limited space may opt
for an artificial tree because they come in virtually every shape, size or even
color for that matter. In 2001 artificial Christmas trees accounted for about
7.3 of total tree sales. But by 2007 that number had increased to 17.4 . If you
do decide to go with an artificial tree, just remember that as with just about
everything else in life, you get what you pay for. A $25 artificial tree may
sound good at the moment and even look good the first year, but if the branches
break and needles start falling off the next time you pull it out of the
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may wish you had spent a bit more. If you have to keep replacing your artificial
tree, then there really is no savings involved. According to data released by
The National Christmas Tree Association, in 2007 there were almost 49 million
live trees purchased. Of those, 16 were cut by buyers themselves and nearly 25
were bought from big chain retailers, with Home Depot leading the sales. The
rest were bought from garden centers, individual tree lots and other smaller
stores. The average cost of a 6 to 7 foot tree from Home Depot is about $30.
Before you begin your tree hunt, you need to know how high the ceiling is in the
room you want to display the tree. If it s your first Christmas in a new condo
or townhome, you may be especially excited to pick out a tree. But remember that
trees always look smaller standing outside in a lot than they will in your
living room. Most new Chicago condos or townhomes have 9 to 10 foot ceilings,
although many have loftier ones that can stretch to a cathedral height of 20
feet. Many also have floor to ceiling windows or balconies and terraces that
provide a great spot to put your tree in front of for display. You can check out
some of those Chicago condo layouts here http:www.chicagocondodirectorynew
condos And if you have a fireplace, as a lot of town homes do ,
don?t put the tree close to it. As for live trees, the varieties can be
overwhelming sometimes. Should you drive to a tree farm or buy from the local
seller downtown? Are you satisfied with the selection that s already bagged as
long as you get that wonderful pine smell? The choice is really up to you, and
the most important thing is to get as fresh a tree as possible so it will retain
its needles longer and not dry out. And you need to water them every day with
fresh water, no additives like sugar or any other supposed remedy to keep the
trees fresher longer. Probably the most popular type of live tree here in the
Chicago area is the white pine. This variety has softer needles so you don t get
pricked as much while you decorate. Scotch pines are also popular because they
have a very full shape, but their needles are sharper and they tend to grow more
on whatever side has been facing the southwestern sun exposure so they may be
harder to level in a tree stand at home. The Colorado Blue Spruce is another
beautiful variety that people may be drawn to, but they don t weather well
indoors and are better left for planting in your yard. Fraiser Firs, Canaan
Firs, Noble Firs and Balsam Firs are also readily available. Many growers are
also offering live trees with their roots balled in burlap. This is a growing
trend with those who want to be eco friendly because you can then transplant the
evergreen in your yard. A few things need to be considered before you go this
route though. The tree will have to be in the house decorated for no more than a
week, otherwise it will warm up, come out of dormancy and try to grow out of
season only to die once you put it outside. You need to keep the ball in a
container of moist shredded paper Wholesale NFL Jerseys
, soil or moss to keep it from drying out. And you have to
plan ahead and dig the hole in your yard well before the ground freezes plus
store the soil to be put back in someplace where it won t freeze either. The
process is a bit more labor intensive, but can give you years of enjoyment and
spruce up your lawn. You can even get smaller live trees in containers for your
table top. No matter which type of tree you decided to get this holiday season,
the most important thing is to get one you can enjoy and make a memory. Author's
Resource Box Kelly Brandon keeps you updated on Chicago condo developments, home
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