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Chavis Believes Red Sox Will Move Him To Third - RealGM

Michael Chavis nike
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, who the Boston Red Sox drafted with
the 26th overall pick in Thursday night's First-Year Player Draft, believes the
club will move him to third base.

Chavis was a shortstop at Sprayberry Senior High School in Georgia this past
season. He hit .489 with 14 home runs and had 22 stolen bases on his way to
being named the state's Gatorade Player of the Year.

"I think I'm going to get moved to third, if I had to guess, but I'm open to
playing anywhere as long as I'm playing baseball," he said of Boston's plan for

Chavis also believes his game is well-suited for Fenway Park.

"I'm a right-handed power hitter and they got a short porch in left field, so
hopefully that'll do a little something," he said.

In drafting the Marietta native, the Red Sox have made the entire Chavis
family Boston fans. He grew up one of the few rooting for both the Red Sox and

"I grew up split between the Yankees and the Red Sox because half of my mom's
side loves the Red Sox and half loves the Yankees," said Chavis, who added that
his entire family will now root for Boston.

How To Gain Success With KIP Wide Format Printers How To Gain Success With
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Lisbon: Neglected Gem Of The Best European Cities April 7, 2014 | Author:
Mitchell Jones | Posted in Holidays

You find it way out there on the distant fringes of the continent. There
hangs Lisbon, right on the edge of Europe. Any further and you’d fall off into
the Atlantic Ocean. So geographically marginal, Lisbon is often too easily
overlooked by the aficionados in the business of ranking the best European
cities. No doubt, it does not possess the iconic landmarks; its cuisine and wine
are frequently dismissed as second class; and consequently it is perceived as
lacking the wow-factor of Paris, Rome or Vienna.

Well, all I say to that is, oh happy days! I first came to Lisbon in 1975 and
have been getting back whenever I could ever since. Of all the joys of this
amazing town, one of the most pleasant is the remarkable dearth of tourists.
Though, I’ll concede nike
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, having the almost perfect climate ain’t
too shabby, either.

It has among the lowest crime rates of any of the best European cities. Plus,
it is a true boon for the inveterate stroller, despite all the winding hills,
with their sudden, stunning vistas that smack you rounding all kinds of bends.

Sure, the cuisine lacks the fanfare of Greek, Italian or French. Don’t let PR
mislead you, though. Portuguese cooking is delicious and Lisbon is the place to

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