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1.)Organization ? Working from home presents a lot of challenges that you
wouldn't necessarily have if you were in corporate america. Primarily asics
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, your actual physical desk or office area. Be
sure you have a committed place to do your business, where you can go to get
away and have some alone time. Keep all in it's appropriate place. Keep your
paper files carefully organized in a filing cabinet, and be sure you keep stuff
clearly labeled. Keep your PC desktop free from clutter by deleting icons that
you do not use daily or regularly into a sub folder. Clean up your internet
favorites folder so that all the webpages you use can be very easily found with
2-3 short points & clicks of your cursor. Make sure office space is free
from distractions from anyone else you live with, spouse, children, or
suitemates. The preferred choice would be to switch one bedroom into your office
area, since it would have a door that you could close to be alone. If that is
not an option, at least choose a place that is away from the busy-ness of the
primary living areas...away from the kitchen, away from the HDTV, and away from
where the children play. A dining room area may work well. When I was visiting
someone over the holidays asics
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, I set up my office work area on their ironing
board in their basement! If you have young kids like I do, make sure you set
clear expectations so that when you're in your office with the door closed, that
they know that you are working and don't want to be disturbed. One caveat here -
I've always told my children that if my door is closed and they just want a hug
or kiss, that is OK! Just come on in and there is nothing more important than
that! If you're on the cell phone for business and your children wants a hug,
don't say you're sorry to the person on the phone, just tell them that it is
part of the perks of working at home and that you're not some corporate-type
person who only sees their kids for an hour in the evening before bed. They will
respect that. 2.)Discipline - You must create a DMO ? or Daily Method of
Operation. Essentially that is a schedule that you'll keep on the days that
you're doing business. Make it detailed. Schedule out when you're starting your
day, having breakfast and lunch, taking your breaks, making phone calls, doing
advertising asics
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, educating yourself, attending conference
calls, performing administrative duties, going to the bankpost office, shopping
online, etc. Working at home makes you very suseptable to distractions. By
having a DMO in place and being disciplined, it will lessen the chance for you
to waste time when you could be earning money. Working at home offers you the
flexibility to take breaks or spend time with your hobbies when YOU want to, not
when a supervisortells you that you can. Make sure to plan time in there for
family time, quiet reading time, sleeping asics
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, trips to the park, spending quality time
with your children, making breakfast for the kids, or even time with your spouse
during the afternoon with the door locked. You got into business for yourself at
home for these benefits, make sure you take advantage of them. Work when you're
working and play when you're playing. 3.)Focus ? Working for yourself from home
will trigger you to have many responsibilities. One minute you'll be a
advertiser, the next a customer service rep, the next a sales rep, the next a
student, the next a administrative assistant. You'll basically have to do it
all. Just promise me that you focus on one thing at a time and don't try to do
lots of jobs at once. Multitasking actually makes you LESS productive, because
the human brain can actually only focus on one item at a time and still be 100%
focused on that one thing. You're mind cannot be halfway focused evenly on 2
things. One of them will get less attention and you'll likely drop the ball.
Compartmentalize your to-dos asics gel
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, focusing entirely on one thing until you get to the
end and then picking up the next job. It may help to have a daily checklist of
tasks you need to accomplish that would tie in nicely to your DMO. Keeping
everything in mind that I have disclosed, just because you work from home does
not mean that you always have to WORK FROM YOUR ACTUAL HOME! Let me describe.
Some of my most productive days has been when I take my laptop and wifi and head
out to the lake and work on a bench out in nature for an hour or two, or
grabbing a table at a coffee shop or Panera Bread. Most everyone in business
will greatly gain by using a smart phone, which will allow you to send and
receive emails on the go, adjust your Facebook Profile, Twitter profile, and
other social networking webpages. Don't feel like you have to be stuck in your
home office, get out about 2-3 times per week to give yourself chance to change
things up a bit. It will give you inspiration and get you out in public
interacting with people. Go somewhere that will cause you to be operating in a
energy and frame of mind that can be felt over the cell to those you may speak
with while you're out. What is FREEDOM all about if you're still stuck in an
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