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Ortiz Passes Rice For Third On Boston HR List - RealGM

David Ortiz hit two home runs against the Minnesota Twins on Wednesday
night yeezy
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, surpassing Jim Rice on the Boston
Red Sox's all-time list.

Ortiz has four home runs in his last two games.

His first homer on Wednesday was No. 383 in a Boston uniform, moving him past
Rice for sole possession of third place on the all-time club list.

Only Ted Williams (521) and Carl Yastrzemski (452) have hit more homers in a
Red Sox uniform than Big Papi.

"When you come to an organization like this one and they start mentioning
your name with Carl Yastrzemski, Jim Rice, Mr. Ted Williams, that's just
something that's special," said Ortiz. "To be honest with you yeezy
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, I'm not keeping track of any of that.
I'm just trying to get my job done and move on."

Musial Among Best Left Fielders Ever - RealGM Wiretap

There are four left fielders that stick out in Major League history.

Barry Bonds, Stan Musial, Ted Williams and Rickey Henderson.

Musial actually played a few more games at first base than left field, and
also several seasons in right field. However, that speaks to his versatility.

In terms of career wins above replacement, the four rank like this:

Bonds: 158.1 WAR
Musial: 123.4 WAR
Williams: 119.8 WAR

Henderson: 106.8 WAR

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This is just one of the ways that viral marketing can work for you to
get you more traffic and revenue. By doing a search on the internet you'll be
able to find many more ways that viral advertising and marketing will be able to
help you generate traffic and money. Different Kinds Of Workload Management
Skills Different Kinds Of Workload Management Skills August 1 yeezy
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, 2013 | Author: Grant Nicolaisen | Posted in

Folks visit work so that they are able to be able to meet their everyday
requirements. Whilst at work, one has the responsibility of finishing all the
tasks assigned and in the proper time. Sometimes, this isn’t always the case.
You then end up with a large amount of work load that can be actually
frustrating. To prevent this scenario, it is essential which you develop work
load management skills. As the name suggests, this can be the acquisition or
sharpening of certain expertise which will let you deal with work load
appropriately. The first point which you will want to do is know the amount of
work which you can full in a day.

Using the importance of technology, most people have neglected the necessity
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, notepads and also to do lists. This is why
they have a back log of work. You’ll need to make use of your writing and
planning skills to be able to deal with this problem. Ideally, after writing
down all the work that you need to do in a day, you need to assign how long that
it will take to complete the work. Make sure to include breaks for lunch and
rest. Sometimes, we might be interrupted by unexpected events leading to the
necessity to use our workload management skills. You will therefore

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