Forex Trend And Forbes Launched The First Worldwide Contest
Of Pamm Forex Managers In the context of a rather tense economic situation in
Russia and the CIS countries http://www.islandershockeyauthority.com/pat-lafontaine-islanders-jersey-c-27/ ,
more people are forced to look for alternative ways of earning. Popular once
deposits in banks as a source of additional passive income become meaningless -
7-8% annual do not overlap inflation. Therefore, many actively "go" to Forex -
the largest financial market in the world, thanks to the innovative technology
where even a beginner can get stable and high profits from each transaction. How
to make a successful career on Forex But, as in any field of activity, to earn
good money on Forex, you need to have some knowledge and the most important; you
need to be able to apply depending on market trends. In future, the trader can
even build his own career, moving from management of own funds to trade in the
PAMM-accounts accumulating capital investors http://www.islandershockeyauthority.com/nikolay-kulemin-islanders-jersey-c-17/ ,
in many cases, in large volumes. To become a PAMM manager, you need the
confidence of investors. And what is most important for people, who you want to
attract? Stability of your trading methods and the reasonableness of strategies,
competent system of risk and money management,- all these reduce the investment
risk and increases the percentage of return for your investors. Often, to gain
the confidence of investors, traders spend months and even years of hard work on
Forex http://www.islandershockeyauthority.com/nick-leddy-islanders-jersey-c-19/ ,
polishing its trading history, learning the absolute maximum drawdown and
minimize at each subsequent transaction and revenue earnings - to increase. But
there is a quick way to become a professional manager of PAMM-capitalized
investor funds. "Our company, in
its time introducing a fundamentally new system of PAMM, is constantly upgrading
it http://www.islandershockeyauthority.com/mikhail-grabovski-islanders-jersey-c-8/ ,
aiming to provide mutually beneficial cooperation conditions for managers and
their investors - says in the interview to "Market Leader" General Manager of
ForexTrend Andrew Polishevich. - So just here investors, in addition to a 100%
guarantee the safety of invested funds and high level of safety of their
capital, receive unprecedented opportunities to insure their investments or puts
limits on damages. " In addition, the system PAMM 2.0 has no analogues; it
allocates responsibility and control the general manager. But this additional
protection, which, by and large, not really needed, because every manager of
ForexTrend is motivated solely to make profitable trades http://www.islandershockeyauthority.com/mike-bossy-islanders-jersey-c-10/ ,
in fact involved in the trade of his personal funds in substantial volumes. And
we work only with a successful Forex trader, having vast experience of stable
income trading. Among them, are such legendary figures as Pavel Svantsev,
Veronika Tarasova, Andrew Kolos and others that control tens of millions of
investor funds. Not surprisingly, that in their trade continues to invest
heavily not only ordinary citizens, but many show business and sports stars,
famous politicians and businessmen. For example http://www.islandershockeyauthority.com/matt-martin-islanders-jersey-c-21/ ,
Gosha Kutsenko, Olympic boxing champion Vasyl Lomachenko etc. "As for the choice
of General Managers for cooperation with our company, - says Andrey Polishevich
- we're going in this direction in several ways." 
Such a sum is better than any of the rules and conditions motivates traders to
maximize reasonable work, implying a rational approach to all operations and
decision only calibrated, informed trading decisions. Finally, after two
tournaments held http://www.islandershockeyauthority.com/mathew-barzal-islanders-jersey-c-23/ ,
as says the expert, the team of highly professional managers has increased
ForexTrend qualified "personnel". The winners received from us PAMM accounts 500
000 300 000 and 200 000 dollars for 1, 2 and 3 respectively, today continue
"competitive trend" of a very successful and profitable trading, bringing its
investors an excellent regular income. Incidentally, all PAMM accounts of 1 and
2 "Million in skillful hands" included in the special codes of PAMM "Prize" and
"Prize 2", which are now among the most profitable of all the indexes. More
details about these indices, as well as on the work of managers http://www.islandershockeyauthority.com/josh-bailey-islanders-jersey-c-6/ ,
whose PAMM accounts form them, you can find on the site of ForexTrend. I am
confident that the new, jointly with Forbes magazine contest of General Managers
will continue the best traditions of "Million in skillful hands", but without
exaggeration, with a worldwide scope. Now, not only investors from CIS countries
can personally observe the competitions best of the best managers, but also
their counterparts from the Western countries, Europe http://www.islandershockeyauthority.com/johnny-boychuk-islanders-jersey-c-18/ ,
Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia. Forbes readers worldwide
through this project will be able live to see the quality and efficiency of
trade traders with whom they will be able to enter into cooperation agreements
during the course of the competition.
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