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Samardzija Gets Deal With Cubs - RealGM Wiretap

Cubs pitcher Jeff Samardzija has agreed to terms with the team on a
one-year http://www.sharkshockeyauthority.com/tomas-hertl-sharks-jersey-c-10/ ,
$5.345M deal for 2014, avoiding an arbitration hearing.

Samardzija, 29, was 8-13 with a 4.34 ERA last season, according to an ESPN
report on Saturday.
For natural flea
control - groom your pet daily. Use a fine toothed flea comb. Bathe your pet a
natural pet shampoo that has flea repellent herbs. During summer wash your pet's
bedding in hot soapy water weekly and dry in hot dryer. Vacuum rugs and
mattresses in the house every 2 or 3 days. Dust natural powders containing herbs
such as rosemary, wormwood http://www.sharkshockeyauthority.com/paul-martin-sharks-jersey-c-13/ ,
rue, eucalyptus and sometimes tobacco powder to repel fleas. Add garlic and
brewer's yeast to your pet's daily diet. Try rubbing the yeast into your pet's

Ticks - Pull out ticks using your fingers. Grab the tick as close to
your pet's skin as possible, twist and pull gradually.

Stickers - Use a
stainless steel comb with wide teeth to pull out stickers from the fur before
matting begins. Or else you can use your fingers to pull them out. If you find
the sticker deep inside the ear making it difficult to remove, put some warm
vegetable or mineral oil in the ear to soften it and take your pet to the

Ear Mites - To remove ear mites, mix ounce of almond and vitamin E.
Put a dropper or two in each ear and massage it well. Let your pet shake its
head and clean out the opening with cotton swabs. The oily mixture smothers the
mites and helps healing. Refrigerate the mixture between uses, warming it before

For temporary treatment of ear mite http://www.sharkshockeyauthority.com/patrick-marleau-sharks-jersey-c-5/ ,
soak a cotton ball with mineral oil and swab the ear canal. Then seek medical
advice from the vet for any further treatment.

Anemia - Feed you pet with
foods rich in iron and vitamin B.

Arthritis - To make your overweight
pet's loose weight, 20 minute walk several times a day will help lighten the
load on the achy joints and reduce the progression of arthritis. During winter
season, let your pet sleep inside on soft bedding to reduce discomfort if

Asthma - Use a humidifier, stop smoking, and keep your pets inside
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Bad Breath - Foul odor is the sign of plague.
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Remedy for broken bones
- Freeze your pet holding him still and placing him on a board, floor mat or
folded blanket. Avoid bandaging or supporting with splint as it can cause more

Car Sickness - Avoid car sickness for your pets by letting them
sit in the front seat, allowing them to look out of the windows and cracking the
windows to allow fresh air flow in the vehicle. Some pets prefer to travel on
empty stomach while some prefer to have small amount of food.

Choking -
If you pet is choking, open the mouth to see any object stuck and remove it. If
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you http://www.sharkshockeyauthority.com/martin-jones-sharks-jersey-c-15/ ,
clasp your hands around the upper abdomen or make your pet lie down on their
side and put one of your hands on top and another just below the rib cage and
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vet immediately.

Fever - If the pet is down
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If the fever does not go down http://www.sharkshockeyauthority.com/marc-edouard-vlasic-sharks-jersey-c-16/ ,
consult the vet.

Flatulence - Exercising helps to move the gas out of the
system, so taking your pet for walk several times in case they suffer from
flatulence. Give your pet, yoghurt that contains bacteria the helps to decrease
gas problem.

Insects Bites - If your pet is stung by insects, dab a
mixture of baking soda and water on the spot to help reduce the discomfort.

Itchy Skin - For you pet's itchy skin, give them a cool 10 minute bath.
For dog's itchy feet, fill the tub with enough cool water to cover their
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dissolve a couple cups of Epsom salts in the water and soak your dog's feet for
10 minutes. Do not let your dog drink this water.

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