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Distance control and the 4 Second Rule.

For me this putting
instruction that you are about to read is the real "Gold" in putting
instruction. Whoever masters distance control in putting...... is the person you
should fear on the putting green.

Most of putting accuracy and
precision begins and ends with distance control. Distance control comes from
touch for the given

green plus targeting. Once distance control becomes
automatic Alex Iwobi
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, you never need to worry about it much and can
devote almost all your practice, attention, and on-course focus to reading and
hitting the correct path into the hole.

Getting Distance Control

Every green has a different speed and the speed changes during the day
and from day to day. Hopefully, the speeds of all greens on a course are close,
but this is only within a certain range. So distance control inevitably entails
some green reading for speed and some "touch" just for that particular

Once you have a touch for the particular green speed calibrated,
and have taken advantage of your experience and senses to judge speed conditions
variation from green to green, distance control is a matter of targeting. By
targeting I mean the physical procedures you use to localize the hole or target
in relation to your body and your bodys action. This is only partly a matter of

Learn to Use the Neck Turn for Distance

beside the ball, you have to resettle the brain, since youve just stopped
moving. Then focus steadily on the ball and turn your head to carry the gaze
along the path on the ground at the speed your experience and touch tells you
the ball will likely roll in the perfect putt. Its not the eyes that matter
here. Its the pacing and extent of your neck turn. It helps to have the eyes in
plane with the putt plane, but the real important cue is what your neck muscles
tell your brain about distance. So pretend you really are following the ball to
and into the hole.

Focus on the Hole Itself for at Least 4

Once your gaze is at the hole, keep it there at least 4 seconds.
Three seconds is not enough because the brain gets bored and wants to get on
with it, so you have to override the urge to look away. It takes at least 4
seconds for the brain to form an enduring image and to sort out the distance
fully. Also dont let your eyesight jump or wander about. Look steadily at the
hole or even some point on the lip or down into the center of the cup. This
procedure creates an anchor point as your body assesses direction and
distance Aaron
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, and it also creates an image of the
apparent shape and size of the hole that your brain uses

to assess
distance as well. (This aspect of the routine also helps with orienting the body
for a stroke on the proper line.)

At this time, mentally the only thing
you want in your mind is a sense of the "thereness" of the hole: the hole is
exactly there, not to the left or right, or nearer or farther, just

Scan Along the Line from the Hole Back to the

Then, look from the hole along the path with a smooth neck turn back
to the ball. At this time, you have about as vivid a sense of the location of
the hole in terms of distance and direction as you are likely to get, and you
have an internal mental image of the appearance of the hole. You also have a
kinetic, rhythmic sense of the neck turn and a memory of just how far to turn
the neck to get back to the hole.

Thats It.

Just Putt.

The actual stroke is automatic from here on

You do not need to
think about the force of the stroke, and in fact it probably hurts to do so.
Just let the neck turns pacing and extent work its magic by mimicking this in
your strokes tempo. The length of your stroke will adjust itself without
conscious involvement. All you want consciously is the thought: use your
athletic ability to "roll the ball into the hole." All the way, at the best
speed for capture.
Making This Part of Your Game. Try this routine on 10 foot
putts. Use it with the Core Putt to see how it works. Then try

putts. Over time, I believe you will find you begin to trust and respect the
consistency and accuracy you gain Yaya
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, and these procedures solve far more problems than
other ways you try. In particular, the still focus on the hole plays a much more
pronounced role in getting distance control than one would ever

Once you have exquisite distance control, you feel liberated
to concentrate solely on line and break. All putts start to look very similar,
regardless of length. Leaves and comebacks only become a concern when severe
down-slope is near the hole on the far side.

In a word, youve reduced
puttings problem in half and thereby doubled your rate of progress toward
excellent putting on a permanent basis.

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William Wetere is an accredited puttingzone coach based in Te Awamutu, New

A Free PuttingZone manual is available by visiting

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