Cardinals Stick With Jay At Leadoff For Now - RealGM Wiretap
The Cardinals will use Jon Jay in the leadoff spot for the time being. St. Louis
plans to bat Rafael Furcal lower in the order until he "gets right" and they may
rotate in the No. 1 hole. "We're trying to find out what works http://www.buccaneersauthoritystore.com/Authentic-William-Gholston-Buccaneers-Jersey/ ,"
manager Mike Matheny said. "Going into the season the thinking was Raffy would
be the predominant leadoff guy. (He's) fighting it. That leadoff spot is not a
spot to get right in." Jay is five-for-15 (.333) as a leadoff hitter this season
and a .276 hitter in 76 career at-bats in the leadoff spot. Breast enhancement
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