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Rays Dont See Myers As Polished Enough For Promotion - RealGM

The Tampa Bay Rays are expected to promote top prospect Wil Myers at some
point this season.

Some are wondering why the move doesn't come sooner rather than later.

"Myers has obvious talents. When talking to several scouts who saw him play
during Spring Training puma
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, all of them spoke of him having a
quick bat," writes Bill Chastain.

"Having noted that, I'm not sure if the Rays feel like he's polished enough
to join the club just yet -- even though he's hitting .309 with two homers and
16 RBIs in 21 games with Triple-A Durham."

The Rays acquired Myers from the Kansas City Royals in an offseason trade
involving James Shields and Wade Davis.

Cardinals Focused On Run Prevention - RealGM Wiretap

The St. Louis Cardinals are on pace to allow the fewest runs in franchise
history through a full season.

"Every team struggles to score runs against this team," Milwaukee manager
Craig Counsell said this past weekend. "That's not a news flash. They are really
good at preventing runs. They've lapped the rest of baseball in prevention. They
are outstanding at it."

The Brewers puma
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, for example, have scored three more
runs than the Cardinals this season, but trail them by 24 games in the
standings. St. Louis leads the National League with a plus-121 run differential.

The Cardinals have scored the 11th-fewest runs in the majors but lead
baseball with a 2.60 ERA. They have allowed 319 runs this season, 76 fewer than
the next-closest team.

"Last year puma suede heart
satin femme pas cher
, people talked about how we don't score a lot
of runs, that we play so many tight games, that the bullpen gets worn out," Matt
Carpenter said. "We got to the postseason and we were tested and ready for that.
It helped us. This is the same thing with this year's team. We've played in
close ballgames before. Just scoring runs is not a good plan over the course of
the season. You have to play good defense. You have to pitch. That's how you win
close games. That's how you lead the league in wins puma suede heart
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, in my opinion."

Advantages Of Fiberglass Pool Repair Spring Hill » Submit Content Online |
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Repairing a pool can be very advantageous since it will stop water spillage
and loss as well. Fiberglass pool repair spring hill is a complex exercise for
individuals who may not have the relevant knowledge on its installation.
However, it is an expensive material to repair and even maintain. The following
are some of the associated advantages of the refurbishment.

The pool may be a source of income to a company or an individual. To make it
continue serving as it was previously, individuals may opt to look for the
qualified staff to help in the repair of the pool. This may result in breakdown
but need for the refurbishment is important. After completion of refurbishment
the individual is likely to get back to the situation they were previously in
and thereby earning more.

However you should not only look at how well one has learnt. It is important
to bear in mind how well the person to hire has been in the field. Experience is
much more important compared to the level of education. Walls refurbishment and
paintings requires a lot of care when applying it. To make the work more
successful it requires adequate experience which will help to guide the person.

Whenever refurbishment have been done the new phase may be retained. However
whenever some coatings are applied they may not look like the manufacturers
paint. This may make the pool to acquire some different colors of patches.
Trying to modify the color types may make it to try to obtain the real color of
the other patches.

The fiberglass are mostly affected by spider cracks. These cracks maybe as a
result of extensive pressure being exerted to the pool cell and therefore making
the cells unable to overcome it. This kind of pressure may be applied by the
tree roots that may cause the cracking. When repairing this type of weakness it
is advisable to dig deep the root and completely remove it. This will help
prevent future destruction of the pool.

The cost of refurbishment need to be cheap and affordable. This will
encourage the owner to do it maximally. It also depends on the amount of income
achieved from the pool as well. One may not feel the pinch of repair if a pool
is able to bring adequate income.

Plumbing also can cause leaking in the fiberglass pools. In Florida City
where pools are rampant people are faced with the problem of leaking pools.
Since the walls are weak they need to be made properly. Proper mixing of the
sand with the gravel can result in making a strong wall. Whenever it have
started leaking the plumbing system ought to be looked at well and look for the
possible weak points.

In conclusion, the benefits of repairing anything are more compared to the
negative effects. The main aim of any repair is to increase the time span of
services or to better these services. Therefore one should take it seriously.

You can visit johnsonpoolanddeck for more helpful information about Benefits
Of Fiberglass Pool Repair Spring Hill.

Number of View :25 Yankees Claim Eli Whiteside Off Waivers From SF - RealGM

Giants backup catcher Eli Whiteside was claimed off waivers by
the Yankees on Monday.

Whiteside was the Giants' third-string catcher behind Buster Posey and Hector

He will likely compete with another ex-Giants catcher puma
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, Chris Stewart, for a backup job
with the Yankees.

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