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Florida Public Records Search Florida Public Records Search
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, 2013 | Author: Ben Kingsley | Posted in Business

Pursuant to the Chapter 119 of the Florida Statute, all records of the
government shall be made available to the public. This means that Florida public
records are available for the public. These public records include papers,
documents, books, audio, films, photographs and other media formats received or
created by any government official in connection with the performance of their
duties towards the public. Some public records information is exempted from the
public access and will be redacted by the custodian before releasing the records
to the person requesting the records. Confidential information is released only
to the people who are nominated by the government; nevertheless, an agency is
not restricted to disclose the records.

One can make their request by writing or contacting the Office of the
Custodian of Public Records. Contacting the office is the fastest way to request
the information; however Wholesale Jerseys , for
those whose requests are a bit complex, they might want to put their request in
writing. The Florida public records office has a sample of the letter if one
wishes to make their request in writing. Although the law states that the agency
is not obligated to answer the request(s) in a certain time, it however requires
the office to act on the request within a reasonable time as such processing for
the request might take some time.

Chapter 119 states a certain fee that agencies should follow. The fee for a
one-sided copy costs $.15 and a two-sided one costs $.20. On the other hand, $1
fee is required for certified copies. The agencies should not charge above the
rates indicated though the agencies can charge and go above these fees indicated
in certain instances. One is when the person who requested the records wants
them in a different format. This can be in audio or CD format. If the agency has
such in their records, they can make a copy and charge the cost to the person
requesting the records. Another is when one requires a different set of records
such as court records, aerial photos, crash or homicide reports and maps of
counties. For records that would require extensive searches, the cost of the
search will be charged to the person requesting the record. The cost estimate
will be relayed to the latter and might need some deposit.

There are requests that the Office will deny Cheap MLB Jerseys
, usually with a written note on why the request was denied.
For those who feel that the denial is rebuttable, they can try out several
options to reverse the denial. One would be to contact the Attorney General’s
Office. Another is to talk with the local state attorney and lastly, is to file
for a Writ of Mandamus.

Those who would like to access government public records can check the
official website of the Florida Public records or visit the county clerk office.
Another way to do so is to check out commercial public search sites that offer
public researches for free or for a nominal fee. One can check public records
such as marriage and divorce decrees, birth or death records, social securities
and in some cases, abandoned properties. The advent of the internet makes public
records available and one can easily access the records and search important
details saving them time from going to the Public Records Office or to the
County where the records are filed.

If you find Free Florida Public Records missing certain information, it may
be found in Public Record Search. Click on and learn all about it.

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