Shopping May Harm Men’s Erectile Health

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Did you know that shopping is poisonous for men’s sexual health?

A recent research in the UK, a chemical substitute on the bill receipts contains a rich amount of hazardous constitute such as Bisphenol A (BPA). This chemical suppresses the male sexual hormone in the body and causes issues for erection health. This latest research discovered how a retail therapy makes a man impotent.

The ink used on thermally sensitive paper is carried by a man through touch or having a meal. Professor Frank Sommer, a Berlin based urologist says that harmful effects of chemical imbalances or tip the hormonal balance.

He says, “The substance used in the bill receipt imbalances the sexual hormones. In a long term, it affects men’s sexual drive as well as their erection power. It also enhances the belly size instead of muscles, also contributes in men’s erectile dysfunction.

Thus, BPA or Bisphenol A is banned in many countries, including Canada & three US states. Bottles and cans contained of the same chemical have been found as the cause of breast cancer, heart problems, hyperactivity, obesity etc. After this research, most of the manufacturers of baby bottles stopped using it in the products.

As BPA is a cause of endocrine disrupter and imbalanced hormonal secretion, the Food & Drug Administration has also stated concern about it. The harmful consequences of Bisphenol A also include metabolism disorder, fertility and neural development.

The presence of ED drugs enables men to get a healthy treatment and control the symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Kamagra jellies are one of these drugs definitely provides a healthier erection to the ED patients. This medication is prepared with sildenafil citrate that improves internal process to give an erection. This medicine is prescribed to those who cannot erect the penis during penetration. 

As we know that prevention is better than cure, one must be careful when receiving bills or using bottles. Here, some tips have been mentioned that can help to avoid BPA in daily life:

1.    Drink tap water or use a BPA free stainless steel water bottles instead of water bottles

2.    Avoid taking meals from microwavable meals out of the plastic containers. Only eat freshly – prepared and organic foods

3.    Always go for long lasting utensils or variety instead of plastic utensils

4.    Turn away from all canned foods and look for BPA free canned eatables

5.    Instead of using a plastic coffee maker, use a French press or ceramic drip

Apart from these tips, consult with an expert to live a BPA free life, whether it is concerned with shopping or eating habits. Learn more facts to keep up the sexual health via

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